Saturday, 18 May 2013

Oh HELLO mojo!

When I first moved into this house in August 2009, emotionally, I was coming out of a slumber phase. I was aware that my life was going to change dramatically in the weeks to follow. I was called into a meeting room by my supervisor and told that I was being made redundant. Amazingly, they gave me a month's notice and  one of the four days I worked I was allowed to not come in and go to interviews. Even though the thought of being unemployed scared the crap out of me, the fact that I was being so well looked after warmed my heart. I was a casual employee, they could have simply called me up one night and said don't bother coming in.

As I was working in a recruitment office and jobs were our thing, my supervisor gave me a pep talk about using the opportunity to further my career. I decided that as I loved shopping, I wanted to get into the purchasing field. (It helped that I knew how much I'd earn long term there too lol) The first position I applied for was the one I got and loved. 

I know this post is about mojo, but without explaining where I've been and where I am now it doesn't really make sense. 

I was working 21-25 hours a week for the recruitment company. I scrapbooked in my spare time. I used this space below (that has become a dumping ground for 'stuff') as a crafting area. I had a huge desk (read door with Ikea legs) and I loved it, except, after a month I never used it anymore. My hours had doubled and the only time I was scrapbooking was if I got a request for a page for the Top 10 in Scrapbooking Creations. Whilst I loved seeing my pages in print, I felt like a fake only scrapbooking for these requests, so I stopped doing them. 

the view from my bed of the verandah
I then used the area as an office come reading nook, although, because of my back I don't sit out there at all. I go in there to retrieve papers out of the filing and that's it. Seems like a waste to me! 

For a few weeks I've been thinking about turning it back into a craft space, because I don't like the mess I make of the dining room when I want to sew or scrapbook. As everything is packed away into cupboards it's a major operation to do anything and once all the stuff is out, it seems like such a waste to only sit there for a tiny amount of time! (which is all I can do because it hurts too much) 

SO... this morning while procrastinating about going outside and doing some repotting of seedlings and planting some more out, I was looking at Katrina's blog The Organised Housewife, which I've had open with my timetable spreadsheet since the last post. (I did say I wasn't moving fast at the moment right? lol) I clicked on the craft room inspiration and then it hit me how I could actually rearrange things in my 'very tiny packed with furniture' house so that I could get my table back in.

I really do think that if I have an area where everything is easily accessible I'll be able to craft more and without the mess stressing me out. Which will also help me feel a little less like I'm doing nothing! 

This is the photo that sparked something in my brain... hopefully, when I've done the gardening I'll be able to start planning on what will go where.
lovely crafty space found here

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