Friday, 6 June 2014

Long time no type

It's been eight months since I've posted on my blog. Lots of things have happened, so many in fact that I'll do an eight month rundown in point form ;)

  • in November I got the blues and my doctor put me on to anti-d's 
  • we found out the owner was selling our house and we had to move
  • I went on a spiritual retreat and had a wonderful weekend away with a great bunch of girls
  • in December my anti-d's gave me fibromyalgia like symptoms and as I was already on the highest dose of my pain meds I had to take more pills to try and counteract the new pain as well. Unfortunately, the happy pills weren't making me any happier either
  • in January, I went on a different anti-d and it interfered with my pain meds from my back and I ended up with serotonin syndrome
  • we found a house and moved in 
  • Isaac started grade 9
  • I started uni
  • I turned 44
  • we rescued a toy poodle from a backyard breeder and she defied all odds by living. she currently has us wrapped around her paws. her name is Asher Sprinkles
  • Isaac turned 14
  • I realised I couldn't cope at uni and needed to drop a subject because with my back and associated health issues I was WAAAAAAAAY behind
  • I gardened
  • I found out we had a ley line going through our house
that's about it... and when I look at that list now I wonder how I made it through... but I did :)