Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Finished Crochet Projects

In my time of crocheting non-stop, I've made a few projects, for presents and for Isaac and I. The first one I did embark on was a poncho/shawl for myself. I was going to make it out of Granny Squares but quickly realised that because my crochet had changed, it was probably going to be a bit too warm for a Queensland winter! (maybe if I was living somewhere where it snowed it would be okay lol)
Granny Square Cowl

I ended up joining the squares then going around them with DC and making a loop, adding a button and turning it into a cowl. Probably still a little warm for here but I hope I get to wear it!!

Wool used - Moda Vera 8 ply Wool
Hook used - 4.5

Ripple Scarf  

The next project was one for Isaac, a ripple scarf, using this pattern by Attic24. She does fabulous tutorials if you're unsure about how things fit together!

Wool used - Moda Vera 8 ply wool
Hook used - 4.5

Bright Cushion
The above cushion is a gift for a friend. As it's only going in the mail today I don't want to share a complete photo of it, just a sneak, but I'll be making more of these to sell. Great project to have on the go as a row doesn't take too long to do. Perfect for school pick up time!!\

Wool used - mostly Moda Vera 8ply wool
Hook used - 4.5

The wool in the above beanie is AMAZING!!! It's this one from Kaalund Yarns. Yes it is a bit more expensive than good old basic Moda Vera, but it's SO soft and the colours are amazing, they're hand dyed and unlike any that I've seen before. (I am new to wool buying though lol) It's a bit dangerous that their shop is only down the road from me. I loved that my skein of wool was wound into a ball for me too. I think I want a wool winder :D

Now that the cooler weather seems to be set in, I'm contemplating another blanket. What are you working on at the moment?