Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Habits

It's amazing how our lives change and we have to change with them so we don't get overwhelmed. My lack of stress due to my CTP claim for my back being finalised has been a liberating thing, but on the flip side I've felt a little lost. I have managed to finish a lot of crochet projects that I had on the go, but other than that I don't seem to be getting anything accomplished. I find that rather frustrating. Each day I promise myself that I'll do something that's been bugging me but the day whizzes by and it doesn't get done.

I've devised a plan. A plan to get me out of this rut until uni starts. No doubt if it works (which I have complete faith that it will haha!!) I'll be able to factor study in too. I'm making myself a timetable in Excel. I love Excel and miss it like crazy. (It was the program I used most in my last job and I really do love it's amazing organising abilities!) I'm factoring in things I do like doing as well as things I don't like doing. (which are currently being ignored) 

My days revolve around being a mum and my pain levels, so from that respect, hopefully I'll find the transition easy! Mornings are usually when I go out because my pain is more manageable than the afternoon, when craft will be my thing.

I'm hoping that it will also get me back into the routine of making yoghurt, bread and washing powder (which I've run out of and need to make... err today lol)

A lot can be done in 30 minutes when you devote yourself to the task for that period and don't let yourself get distracted. Like I am now really... blogging about making a timetable instead of just doing it *sigh* but I'm also hoping to get in a routine for blogging as well. 

Here's to new habits on my new path! :)

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  1. this is a big issue for me too..i figure ill be in pain again so why bother set myself up to fail another day's list... but it really needs to be done, and if i dont want a carer, id better start motivating off to make a 'plan' :) thx elizabeth