Saturday, 12 October 2013

The beds in the yard go grow grow grow...

Everything in the garden is growing so quickly at the moment, even though it is very dry. Unfortunately, the weeds are too :/ Nutgrass is the bane of my existence!!

Here are my garden beds Wednesday. 

These cucumbers and coming on wonderfully!

This one is the one I picked this afternoon.
It's tripled its size in a couple of days.

Coriander flowers in my Romanesco Broccoli (that's looking
a bit lacy thanks to the Cabbage Moth caterpillars)

Lots of spaces for lettuce to go in when my seedlings are
bigger, the celery in the middle is looking wonderful and
it will be picked more often now that my Chinese celery
has gone to seed.

Tomatoes, zucchini, capsicum and pepino

Zucchini, cucumber and various leafy greens
(and my pineapples next to the raised bed)

Lettuce, Asian greens, Rosellas, tomatoes
and pumpkins still to find homes

Plastic bags hanging off bamboo stakes protect my pots
from the brush turkey. 

Today's harvest, pepino, beans and cucumber
The pepino went into the fruit salad I had for dinner. The flavour was amazing!! Sort of like rockmelon crossed with a honeydew melon. Thankfully it's thriving so I'll be picking those as soon as more are ripe! Whilst I have a blueberry, orange tree  and fig tree, they are all slow to mature and aren't yielding much fruit at the moment. I've got Chinese Gooseberries to go in so they will add to the fruit side of things as well.

Mel aka OneCraftyMumma hosted a dishcloth swap recently (that's now finished) and below is the cloths that I made. These were so quick to whip up I can see myself doing lots more when holidays come around! I used this pattern off Ravelry, mixing it up a little with the colours. 

Time to relax and watch some tv for me now I think and read my new cookbook. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Elizabeth, Just wanted to say thankyou for your gorgeous little flower dishcloth, I was lucky enough to get one in the swap, and my oldest girl has claimed it for herself! The colours are lovely, I was wondering if you used Bendigo Cotton? Thanks, Kelly x

    1. Hi Kelly! Yes I did use Bendigo 8ply cotton... very excited to see they've added some new colours to the range too! I scored your navy and cream stripe one! I'm going to applique it to some clothing I think.

    2. Great I'll check it out. That cloth took me forever to knit! I'm a better crocheter I think! Have a great weekend :)