Monday, 7 October 2013

In the garden... again

Yesterday I tried to study but I was so distracted I ended up gardening. I've done so much in the yard the last couple of weeks and it's really looking great. There are still a few spots that are overcome by weeds but I'll get to them eventually! The weather has been divine, until the 34c days started to appear. I hate to think what it's going to be like over summer, the official one anyway! 

This is how our front bed was looking. Chinese celery and Miner's lettuce going to seed and lots of nut grass, wandering dew and other weeds. So I pulled out the grown lettuce and Miner's lettuce and trimmed everything back that was staying and planted lots of new things.

The trellis is for a choko that I planted. I did want it going over the front gate but the ground is so dry I'm going to have to thump stakes in to make holes or I might bend the trellis a bit much trying to get it in. (It's just a $20 cheapie from Bunnings) 


And my updated what's growing in my garden list.... what I'm nurturing anyway :) (lots of corrections because I pulled out my seeds to put the full names in where I could so I can keep a track of what's growing well)

Alyssum, 'Cameo'
Artichoke, 'Green Globe' Cynara scolymus
Aloe vera
Basil, sweet
Beans, purple
Beetroot, 'Crimson Globe'
Blood Orange
Blueberry, Britewell
Broad Beans, 'Long Pod'
Broccoli, 'Romanesco'
Camomile Matricaria chamamilla
Cape Gooseberry Physalis peruviana
Capsicum, 'Californian Wonder'
Carrot, ‘Paris Market’ Daucus carota Syn. 'Tonda di Parigi'
Celeriac, 'Caesar' Apium graveolens rapaceum
Celery, Chinese
Chilli, 'Amigo Jalapeno' Capsicum annuum
Chilli, 'Chilli Shake' Capsicum frutescens
Chinese Cabbage, Bok Choi, Pechay Brassica oleracea var. capitata
Choko, green
Cornflower, 'Blue' Centaurea cyanus
Cosmos, 'Sea Shells' Cosmos bipinnatus var. cosmicos
Cottage Garden Mix, Stocks, Cosmos, Gaillardia, Poppies and Cornflowers
Cucumber, 'Mini white'
Cucumber, 'Lebanese'
Dill Anethum graveolens
Echinacea, 'Bravado' Echinacea purpurea
Fig, 'Black Genoa'
Florence Fennel, 'Zefa-Fino'
Four seasons herb
Four seasons herb, variegated
Garlic chives
Kale, 'Dwarf Green Curled' Brassica oleracea acephala
Kale, 'Red Russian'
Larkspur, 'Galilee Blue' Consolida ajacis
Lavender, 'Spanish' Lavandula stoechas
Lavender, two different varieties
Lemon Balm
Lettuce, ‘First Fleet’
Lettuce, 'Miners'
Lettuce, 'Darwin'
Marigold, 'Gallery'
Mint, 'Chocolate'
Mint, common
Mint, looks like chocolate mint but isn't lol
Mizuna, green
Mustard, 'Red' Brassica juncea
Parsley, ‘Italian flat-leaved’
Parsley, 'Afro'
Pigeon pea Cajanus cajan
Pumpkin, 'Buttercup'
Pumpkin, 'Jap'
Queen Anne's Lace Ammi visnaga
Rosella, 'Red Drops' Hibiscus sabdariffa
Rosemary, four different varieties but no idea of their names
Sage, variegated
Silverbeet, Rainbow Chard
Snapdragon, 'Magic Carpet' Antirrhinum majus
Spinach, Ceylon Malabar
Spinach, Brazilian
Squash, 'Bennings Green Tint' Cucurbito pepo
Stevia, Stevia Rebaudiana
Tarragon, French
Tomato, 'Cherry Roma; 
Tomato, 'Green Zebra'
Tomato, 'Mortgage Lifter' Lycopersicon esculentum
Thyme, common
Thyme, variegated
Warrigal greens
White button mushrooms (hopefully lol)
Zinnia, 'Giant Dahlia' Zinnia elegans
Zucchini, 'Cocozelle'
Zucchini, 'Tomboncini'

Still to plant:
Beans, 'Roc D'or' Phaseolus vulgaris
Beans, Climbing Snake 'Red Dragon' Vigna unguiculata var. sesquipedalis
Beans, Soy
Tomato, 'Cherry Rainbow' Lycopersicon esculentum

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