Sunday, 2 June 2013

My new craft room

I know these photos are rather messy but I wanted to show a full view of my new room. Small rooms are *SO* hard to photograph and I don't like getting up on stools when Isaac isn't here being the klutz that I am (before my painkillers are taken into account lol).

I'm really happy with how it's arranged but knowing me, as I use it there will be tweaking and rearranging so that things work perfectly! Where the cubes are on the very left hand side, I wouldn't mind getting a bookcase the same width but twice the height. The window behind it is patterned, so you can't see through it, and there's so much natural light it won't make much of a difference. It WILL make a difference to my sewing desk though. I have a lot of scrapbooking/art supplies in there and underneath that are a bit hard to get to. There's also the fact that my yellow and orange fabric piles are so tiny. (need to remedy that!!)

There were a couple of things that shocked me as I was putting everything into it's new home. I have a lot of tape. When I say a lot I mean I will never have to buy clear sticky tape ever again. I also have a lot of washi and fabric tape. I manage to forget that I have it because it's littered around the house in cute little bowls. Hmmm oops! The other thing that I have a lot of is cards. Every few years I go into a card making frenzy and I always seem to make more than I give. So I'm on a mission now to use more than I make!

Hopefully my new space will inspire lots of creativity!!

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